Be First and You'll never feel alone!

First is a powerful solution provider. Whatever the size and complexity of your needs or problems, we are proud to say that we can create and deliver the right solution to fit and satisfy your specific requirements. We strongly believe "that where there is a will, there is a way" and at First we never give up until we get there. At First we know our mission is to deliver the very best results and solutions for our Clients, and that is exactly what we do, every single day of the year.

About Us
First is a full service Marine Insurance Broker, conceived with the target of being First in quality of the products it offers, First in services delivered and First in dedication to the Client.
At First Clients take absolute priority. Their problems and needs are attended to with the utmost speed as we are very aware of the high values and risk involved in the shipping business.
Marine Liability Insurance is First’s “Kingdom”. Let us analyse your specific insurance needs and provide you with the best liability cover available in the market.
We understand the extreme complexities of the shipping business, but we are also very determined always to reach a positive result, without losing focus on a Client’s ultimate target.

First is the ideal partner to help understand, and to quickly and efficiently solve, the difficulties encountered by Ship-Owners, Charterers and Operators every day.


First Marine S.A. - 40, Agiou Konstantinou Str., Maroussi
15124 Athens, Greece
Ph: +30 210 610 6630  Fax: +30 210 610 9556