First is a fully dedicated P&I Broker

First is a fully dedicated P&I Broker, conceived with the target of being First in quality of the product it offers, First in services delivered and First in dedication to the client. First’s unrivalled pedigree, together with a young heart and an enthusiastic spirit, brings with it all of the experience, history and tradition of the Pierluigi Ferrari's family and what it has represented in the P&I world during the last 50 plus years. First’s mission statement is to continue to build on the family’s P&I vocation in this highly specialized sector of Marine Insurance, injecting it with all the pride, energy and new ideas which are demanded in a rapidly changing world.


First is the ideal partner to help understand, and to quickly and efficiently solve, the difficulties encountered by Ship-Owners, Charterers and Operators every day.


First P&I S.A. - 40, Agiou Konstantinou Str., Maroussi
15124 Athens, Greece
Ph: +30 210 610 6630  Fax: +30 210 610 9556